Rewarding your loyal customers.

Businesses should learn how to reward their loyal customers. New or old, customers cannot be fooled by marketing gimmicks. It is much better to just keep providing good service instead of worthless rewards and offers. A few days back I received a message from the book store I visit frequently about an offer. It said:

“Shop for Rs. 1000 & above and get upto 10% off on purchase at Reid & Taylor. Offer valid for 30 days only.”

In my opinion the thinking behind this offer is completely flawed. One important thing they failed to notice:

People who come to their store frequently may or may not prefer Reid & Taylor. They may not even be able to afford it. Probably, they don’t need to buy clothes for a month. But one thing is beyond doubt. They love books and they don’t need any motivation other than a good book to come to your store. Above that, if only you designed your offer around books you could have kept your customers loyal, happy and make them spread the word.

For me it is easy. There’s another book store with equally good collection and which offers 10% off on all purchases for its loyal customers. I just shift my loyalty.


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